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  • If All You Have Is Price

    If All You Have Is Price

    If the (perceived) value your products and services bring to your customer is virtually identical to your competition, then all you have left to compete on is price!  And this is a very dangerous place to be! In a separate article, I wrote about questioning your value add – that if the perceived value of […]

  • Solutions – Why Can’t We All Work Together?

    Solutions – Why Can’t We All Work Together?

    If you like me shudder when someone mentions the word Solutions and you think: Solutions? Can’t we come up with any better word than solutions for a set of integrated products and services? so·lu·tion [suh–loo-shuhn] noun 1. The act of solving a problem, question, etc.: We have a solution for our customer’s problem. Dictionary.com Unabridged. […]

  • Looking Your Future In The Eye

    Looking Your Future In The Eye

    What has always amused me is that practically every company used as examples in “Best Practice” books such as In Search of Excellence, Good to Great, or Execution seem to have failed to continue being excellent, or great, or have stopped executing. They have fallen prey to the dilemma of holding on to what once […]

  • Are You Stuck In The “Commodity Corner”

    Are You Stuck In The “Commodity Corner”

    The first product offerings (I’m including physical devices, software, and services in the definition of “product”) you introduced years ago – those that made you successful and dominant in your markets – may be the very ones destroying your business today. Some of your products are cash cows, and likely generate the most sales revenues. […]

  • Don’t think it can happen to you – think again…

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