Downing Goliath helps you resolve your most pressing current and future customer engagement process challenges  – from Product Offerings Assessments, to Streamlining Go-To-Market Introductions, to Messaging and Content Alignment, to Customer Journey Mapping, and more.

Product and Service Offerings Assessment

Most new products and services fail or fail to live up to your business’s expectations because real innovation and end-user-experience driven product development rarely marches to the drumbeat of your customer’s challenges. 

Developing the right product, for the right customer, and getting it into the market at the right time is a complicated, demanding discipline that many enterprises (large and small) don’t have in place, or consistently follow.

Downing Goliath has developed proprietary streamlined portfolio assessment and management processes to help you:

  1. Balance your offerings between current and future opportunities
  2. Implement lean, agile, and risk-adjusted new business development justification processes
  3. Quickly identify oversights in your product development pipeline 

Streamlining Go-To-Market Introductions

Go-To-Market Planning is meant to ensure successful product and service introductions.

If more often than not, your new awesome gizmo or service offering ‘escapes’ into the market before completing everything required for a proper introduction, you might be overburdening the people, the processes, or the systems that make getting everything completed or completed on time, difficult.

Downing Goliath has successfully launched hundreds of products and services, and will help you:

  1. Understand critical market introduction steps you may be overlooking
  2. Consider those processes that should be streamlined or eliminated
  3. Establish Go-To-Market disciplines within and across your entire organization

Content Strategy Assessment and Alignment

The abundance of information readily available online has led to the rise of the “self-directed buyer” and the emergence of radical new ways of developing and qualifying potential leads – oftentimes well before your sales staff get engaged. 

This massive shift has sparked a huge transformation in how you communicate with your current and potential customers during their decision journey. Having a content strategy in place and consistently executed will help you organize and be ready to deliver complex information about you and your company’s capabilities so that when your prospects do find you, they understand how you will help solve difficult challenges they face.

Downing Goliath will help you understand:

  1. How your content is addressing your current and future customers’ needs
  2. How to establish your company as the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy
  3. What content to provide at each stage of your customer’s journey

Customer Journey Mapping

Every company has some sort of formal or informal sales qualification process. We have discovered that most sales processes are designed to support your company’s need to sell, versus fully understanding and solving your prospect’s challenges. 

Downing Goliath will show you:

  1. How your customer engagement strategies are affecting your qualification speed, win rates, and customer retention metrics
  2. How to formulate engagement strategies that mutually work for you, your sales teams, and for your customers
  3. How to align your company’s CRM systems for customer success and create opportunities for positive customer engagement throughout your entire organization

And More

Product and Service Feature Analysis, Competitive Benchmarking, Executive Staff Mentoring, and Voice-of-Customer Feedback are just a few of the many things we do to help you conquer your Goliaths.