Big “M” Marketing Is Not Advertising

Marketing is too important a responsibility to leave to just the “Marketing” Department. At its core, marketing is more than advertising and promotions. Big “M” Marketing is the essence of your company, your product and service offerings, how you are represented in the marketplace, how your staff engages with your current and potential customers, and… Read More

If All You Have Left Is Price

If the (perceived) value your products and services bring to your customer is virtually identical to your competition, then all you have left to compete on is price!  And this is a very dangerous place to be! In a separate article, I wrote about questioning your value add – that if the perceived value of… Read More

Are Your Sales Channels Keeping Up With Your End-Customers

Like most manufactures or service providers, you have an abundance of options to sell and deliver your products and services to your end-customers – this is your Sales Channel.  It goes without saying that developing a dynamic and robust sales channel strategy is required to, once again, out-maneuver your competition. However, if you haven’t spent… Read More