About Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor is the founder and managing partner of Downing Goliath, a marketing and sales strategy consulting practice organized to help enterprises [large or small] think beyond traditional ways of engaging with their customers – winning the fight for their customers’ business against the toughest competition.

Bill Taylor
Founder, Managing Partner

Bill is a results-driven executive with more than 35 years of executive leadership experience as CxO Coach and Advisor, Board Member, President, Chief Marketing Officer, and other executive leadership roles.

He is fluent in B2C and B2B Technology, Software, and Professional Services for Consumer, SME Business, Healthcare, and Government applications in US and International Markets.

Bill is most often endorsed for Strategic Planning, Streamlined Product Introduction Methods and Procedures, Direct and Indirect Sales Development, Marketing Strategy and Campaign Deployment, and Organization Performance Improvement.

Bragging Rights

  • Bill re-engineered the sales, marketing, and customer success functions for a small BioPharm software and services company, tripling profitable revenue in less than 3 years. The company was acquired for more than 6.5x (earnings) multiple.
  • Bill was responsible for the successful turnaround and double-digit growth for Panasonic North America‘s most profitable business division. His Division reached and maintained number one revenue share positions for six out of seven of his product categories during his tenure as President, because of his customer-centered vision and executive leadership.
  • Bill led the development of the first cloud services business for Panasonic, signing 500 net new commercial voice subscribers in the first seven months of service.
  • He was responsible for the development of the first RFID-enabled Integrated Smart Shelf Retail System for Home Depot, Philips Electronics, and Philips Lighting, increasing lighting sales 25% and ASPs 33%.
  • Bill was the first to introduce commercial digital imaging applications for Eastman Kodak, including an award-winning ecosystem partner program, achieving more than 18% EBITDA growth in less than eight quarters.

Some of the Companies I’ve Helped…

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