In the Face of a Shared Adversary


First and foremost, I hope you and your loved ones are well and out of harm’s way. The current situation in the world is one filled with many challenging uncertainties. Each day brings something new and while we can’t entirely control what lies ahead, we can take charge over our own mental and physical well-being, and (distanced appropriately) how we engage with and provide support to others around us. 

Wherever you happen to be, when possible, take advantage of any opportunity you have to sit back, reflect, and think differently about those things you can control – especially looking to change those things that don’t get you excited or bring you happiness. Use the energy normally spent on your work-day commute and hectic schedule to learn something new or cross a few items off of your “ToDo Later” list(s). 

Above all, when things look their most dire, find peace in the fact that all human beings are in this together. If we put aside those things that divide us and spend time working together on those things we do share in common, we will emerge from these difficult times a much stronger, kinder, and more appreciative community.

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