Rethinking Lead Generation

Lead generation has undergone significant and profound changes in recent years. The rise of the Self-Directed-Buyer fundamentally changes the way a company attracts, wins, and retains customers. Traditional lead generation processes are designed from a company’s need-to-sell perspective. These processes do not typically align well with specific challenges revealed when considering a customer’s purchase decision journey stage first. 

We have just made available a new white paper discussing steps to help you reconsider your Lead Generation and Qualification processes. We offer some ideas on how to align your content and messaging strategies better with this new Self-Directed-Buyer.

Today’s Buyer is more interested in finding information in advance of talking with you – Downing Goliath has developed unique processes that will help them find you.

Download and read the article from our Resources Page today. Then Contact Us to learn how we can help you implement these principles within your organization; getting everyone in your organization thinking differently about their role in the new opportunity development world of the Self-Directed-Buyer.

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