Market Disruptions Are Killing Your Company

Integrating disruptive innovation thinking into your business models is critical to your survival. Global giants who once used to be considered the best in their respective industries – companies such as AT&T, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, and Panasonic to name a few, lost their balance when new innovative technologies disrupted their business models and technology competencies. Some were able to implement successful turnaround initiatives and face these market disruptions head on, against the odds … and some … did not.

This article discusses how disruptive marketplace changes completely destabilize global market leaders, allowing scrappy startups to outmaneuver them, and steps you can take to avoid missing the next turn in your road. 

Downing Goliath has – through years of deep-in-the-trenches practical product management experience – developed streamlined product and service assessment tools, as well as management processes that can help you properly address market transitions before they drive your business into extinction.

Download the white paper from our Resources Page today, and then Contact Us to learn how we can help you implement these principles within your organization; getting everyone in your organization thinking differently about their role in nurturing potential and current customers.

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