Downing Goliath – you know the story – a little guy takes down a big guy in a fight by being smarter, more agile – by thinking outside the box

Downing Goliath LLC is a marketing and sales process strategy consulting practice formed to help companies large and small, think beyond conventional ways of engaging with your customers. 

Our service offerings consider every engagement you have with your current and future customers. We help you understand how effectively you’re supporting your customer’s purchase decision journey … 

… and how to make those engagement opportunities mutually beneficial

How We Help

What We Do

Downing Goliath helps you resolve your most pressing current and future customer engagement process challenges – from Product Offerings Assessments, to Streamlining Go-To-Market Introductions, to Messaging and Content Alignment, to Customer Journey Mapping, and more.

Product Line Assessment

Our field-tested portfolio assessment and management processes enable you to:

  1. Balance your offerings between current and future opportunities
  2. Implement lean, agile, and risk-adjusted new business development justification processes
  3. Quickly identify oversights in your product development pipeline 

Go-To-Market Planning

Downing Goliath professionals have launched hundreds of products and services. This vast experience will help you:

  1. Understand critical market introduction steps you may be overlooking
  2. Consider those processes that should be streamlined or eliminated
  3. Establish Go-To-Market disciplines within and across your entire organization

Messaging and Content Strategy

Downing Goliath helps you understand:

  1. How your content is addressing your current and future customers’ needs
  2. How to establish your company as the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy
  3. What content to provide at each stage of your customer’s journey

Customer Journey Mapping

Downing Goliath will show you:

  1. How your customer engagement strategies are affecting your qualification speed, win rates, and customer retention metrics
  2. How to formulate engagement strategies that mutually work for you, your sales teams, and for your customers
  3. How to align your company’s CRM systems for customer success and create opportunities for positive customer engagement throughout your entire organization
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The Team

Who We Are

Bill Taylor

Downing Goliath's Founder and Managing Partner, Bill Taylor, is a results-driven executive with more than 35 years of leadership experience as CxO Coach and Consultant, Board Member, Founder, President, Chief Marketing Officer, and other executive leadership positions. He is proficient with Professional Services, Cloud Hosting, Information Management, and Telecommunications technologies for Commercial, Industrial, Consumer, Healthcare, and Government applications in US and International Markets. He is most often endorsed for Strategic Planning, Product Management, and Sales and Marketing Management.
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What You've Said About Our Work

Bill is an inspirational global leader who leads the way among the best of the best. He has the ability to articulate a vision and turn that vision into reality in record time even within huge companies, which is quite a feat!

“Bill understands the value of the customer experience and is a great marketing partner for your design team. From him I learned about positioning the right products for the right consumer target, and about developing the right product and service portfolio strategy. In front of customers – large distribution and telecom carriers. He can be a great advocate for your brand and its products.”

I have know Bill for years and worked with him comprehensively at Motorola and Panasonic. He is a seasoned professional – a true marketing and business leader, a presentation wizard. He understands how to frame and execute practical tactics within a strategic vision for your business. Having them work with your team would be a huge benefit for any company.” 

Bill was an instrumental figure in my growth and development as Marketer. He is a visionary and very willing to get involved (if asked), so it was a pleasure absorbing all the knowledge and ideas he had to share.

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